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Depending on the energy concept, we provide DC-based systems with batteries as well as AC-based systems with direct connection to the 400VAC mains supply.

DC-based system:

DC-based vehicles are conducted by a guiding wire in the ground floor or by an optical stripe, fixed on the ground floor. Depending on battery charging status the vehicles will drive automatically to a charging station. There the batteries will be charged or replaced.

AC-based system:

The vehicles receive their energy directly from the mains supply, which means no batteries and charging stations are necessary. Transformation of energy can be done either

Variant 1: by power rails and pick up modules


Variant 2: by pick up modules without direct contact

In variant 1 the power rails are mounted on a light-weight aluminium profile which is also used for conduction of the vehicles. The vehicles follow the course which is layed out by the profile (straights, curves, switches). The advantage of this system is that no heavy and expensive construction for the mounting of the aluminium profile will be necessary, because the weight of the profile including power rail will be only about 4 kg/m.

In variant 2 a primary power conductor will be mounted in the ground floor along the course. The vehicles receive their energy via pick up modules as secondary spools. The course can be layed out like any other with branchings and crossings. Conduction of the vehicles will be inductive. If the primary wire cannot be mounted in the ground floor, it will be possible to mount it (like in variant 1, power rails on aluminium profile) on a plastic profile.

It is possible to realize courses with a length of several kilometers, which are available around the clock.


The vehicles can be equipped with different load carrying devices, according to application and customer needs: chain or roll conveyor, telescope, lifting decice, mounting or picking rack, picking robot, etc.

The driving speed can be adjusted variable. In case of process changements this can be done directly by the maintenance personnel.


The vehicles can drive very narrow curves in both directions. Therefore our systems can be easily integrated in existing facilities.

Communication between vehicles and stationary computer systems will be done by radio, infrared or field bus connection.

The advantages of our systems are absolutely safe and reliable functionality and very low costs for mounting, installation and implementation.

Technical data:

Load: up to 3.000 kg (higher loads on inquiry)

Load carrying device: Roll conveyors (single or double), chain conveyors (single or double), telescope, lifting device, mounting rack, picking rack with several compartments or boxes, picking robot, etc.

Driving speed: straights: adjustable from 0 up to 1,5 m/s

curves: adjustable from 0 up to 0,6 m/s

Curves: minimal radius 750 mm

Positioning accuracy: +/- 5mm

Examples for vehicles equipment:


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